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Jazz Icons Series 2 Box Set (Ntsc)

$89.99 (DVD VIDEO)


In Stock - Usually ships within 24 hours.

Order the NEW series from Jazz Icons II TODAY and receive: Free Shipping (US & Canada Only) Double Naxos Rewards Points Contains: Charles Mingus- Live In '64...

Disc 1

    John Coltrane: Live in '60, '61 and '65 (NTSC) (more info)
    Composed by: John Coltrane na Not Applicable
    Elvin Jones, drums
    Stan Getz, tenor saxophone
    Jimmy Cobb, drums
    Oscar Peterson, piano
    Jimmy Garrison, double bass
    Reggie Workman, double bass
    Eric Dolphy, flute
    Wynton Kelly, piano
    McCoy Tyner, piano
    Paul Chambers, double bass

  1. John Coltrane: Live in '60, '61 and '65 (NTSC) - 1:35:00

Disc 2

    Dave Brubeck: Live in '64 and '66 (NTSC) (more info)
    Composed by: Dave Brubeck na Not Applicable
    Eugene Wright, double bass
    Joe Morello, drums
    Paul Desmond, alto saxophone

  1. Dave Brubeck: Live in '64 and '66 (NTSC) - 1:07:00

Disc 3

    Duke Ellington: Live in '58 (NTSC) (more info)
    Composed by: John Sanders na Not Applicable
    Duke Ellington, piano
    Johnny Hodges, alto saxophone
    Harry Carney, baritone saxophone
    Quentin Jackson, trombone
    Cat Anderson, trumpet
    Britt Woodman, trombone
    Ozzie Bailey, vocals
    Sam Woodyard, drums
    Russell Procope, clarinet
    Jimmy Hamilton, clarinet
    Ray Nance, vocals
    Clark Terry, flugelhorn
    Jimmy Woode, double bass
    Paul Gonsalves, tenor saxophone
    Harold 'Shorty' Baker, trumpet

  1. Duke Ellington: Live in '58 (NTSC) - 1:20:00

Disc 4

    Sarah Vaughan: Live in '58 and '64 (NTSC) (more info)
    Composed by: Ronnell Bright na Not Applicable
    Sarah Vaughan, vocals
    Buster Williams, double bass
    Richard Davis, flute
    Art Morgan, drums
    George Hughes, drums
    Kirk Stuart, piano

  1. Sarah Vaughan: Live in '58 and '64 (NTSC) - 1:05:00

Disc 5

    Dexter Gordon: Live in '63 and '64 (NTSC) (more info)
    Composed by: na Not Applicable
    Gilbert Bibi Rovere, double bass
    George Gruntz, piano
    Daniel Humair, drums
    Guy Pedersen, double bass
    Dexter Gordon, tenor saxophone
    Art Taylor, drums
    Kenny Drew, piano

  1. Dexter Gordon: Live in '63 and '64 (NTSC) - 1:10:00

Disc 6

    Wes Montgomery: Live in '65 (NTSC) (more info)
    Composed by: na Not Applicable
    Arthur Harper, double bass
    Han Bennink, drums
    Jackie Dougan, drums
    Jimmy Lovelace, drums
    Pim Jacobs, piano
    Rick Laird, double bass
    Ruud Jacobs, double bass
    Stan Tracey, piano
    Wes Montgomery, guitar
    Harold Mabern, piano

  1. Wes Montgomery: Live in '65 (NTSC) - 1:18:00

Disc 7

    Charles Mingus: Live in '64 (NTSC) (more info)
    Composed by: na Not Applicable
    Clifford Jordan, tenor saxophone
    Dannie Richmond, drums
    Johnny Coles, trumpet
    Eric Dolphy, flute
    Charles Mingus, double bass
    Jaki Byard, piano

  1. Charles Mingus: Live in '64 (NTSC) - 2:00:00


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