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Guridi: El Caserio (The Homestead)



In Stock - Usually ships within 24 hours.

Jesús Guridi (1886-1961) El Caserio (The Homestead) - Lyric Comedy in Three Acts Original Libretto in Castilian by Federico Romero and Guillermo...

Disc 1

    El caserio (more info)
    Performed by: Bilbao Symphony Orchestra Madrid Community Orchestra
    Composed by: Jesus Guridi
    Conducted by: Juan Jose Mena Miguel Roa
    Ana Rodrigo, soprano
    Emilio Sanchez, tenor
    Felipe Nieto, tenor
    Fernando Latorre, tenor
    Vincente Sardinero, baritone
    Gorka Sierra, choirmaster
    Maria Jose Suarez, soprano
    Recording date: May, 1999

  1. Act I: Prelude - 1:25
  2. Act I: Cuando sale el sol (As the sun rises) (Chorus) - 1:34
  3. Act I: Nochesita de estrellas (Lovely starlight night) (Chorus) - 0:38
  4. Act I: Buenos dias (Hello) (Ana Mari, Jose Miguel) - 7:05
  5. Act I: Con el trebole y el toronjil (With clover and lemon balm) (Chomin, Manu, Don Jesusito, Jose Miguel) - 2:23
  6. Act I: Romance: Sasibill, mi caserio (Sasibill my homestead) (Santi) - 3:54
  7. Act I: Finale: Acudiros y llegaros (Come along and join us) (Chomin, Eustasia, Santi, Ana Mari...) - 10:05
  8. Act II: Prelude - 5:45
  9. Act II: Pello Joshepe [Popular Basque Song] (Chorus) - 0:34
  10. Act II: Romance: Yo no se que veo en Ana Mari (I know not what I see in Ana Mari) (Jose Miguel) - 4:08
  11. Act II: Procession: Reina del cielo hermosa (Fair Queen of Heaven) (Chorus) - 3:13
  12. Act II: Espatadantza (Sword Dance) - 2:00
  13. Act II: Con alegria inmensa tu resolucion (With great joy, Ana Mari, I hear your decision) (Ana Mari, Santi, Chomin) - 4:23
  14. Act II: Chiquito de Arrigorri (Young Man of Arrigorri) (Jose Miguel, Chomin) - 3:48
  15. Act II: Finale: Basta ya de bailes y de boberias! (That's enough of dancing and fooling!) (Jose Miguel, Santi, Ana Mari...) - 10:25
  16. Act III: Prelude and Chorus: Mientras llueve sin cesar (While the rain continues to fall) - 1:42
  17. Act III: Relato de Ana Mari: En la cumbre del monte (Ana Mari's story: On the mountain peak) - 2:40
  18. Act III: Mientras llueve sin cesar / While the rain continues to fall (Chorus) - 0:42
  19. Act III: Cuando hay algo que haser no se debe dudar (When there’s something to be done don't hesitate) (Inosensia, Chomin) - 3:14
  20. Act III: Finale: Sasibill, mi caserio (Sasibill my home) (Santi, Jose Miguel, Ana Mari, Chorus) - 8:56


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Product Details
Guridi, Jesus

Mena, Juan Jose

Bilbao Symphony Orchestra

Latorre, Fernando; Nieto, Felipe; Rodrigo, Ana; Sanchez, Emilio; Sardinero, Vincente; Sierra, Gorka; Suarez, Maria Jose

Label: Naxos Classics
UPC: 747313263226
Item Number: 8557632
Release Date: Jun 20, 2006

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