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Chaucer, G.: Canterbury Tales (The) - The Knyghtes Tale (Middle English) (Unabridged)



In Stock - Usually ships within 24 hours.

The Knight's Tale of medieval wars and chivalry is the first tale told to the pilgrims as they set out to Canterbury. It concerns Theseus, returning from...

Disc 1

    The Canterbury Tales - The Knyghtes Tale (The Knight's Tale) (Middle English) (more info)
  1. The Knyghtes Tale: lamque domos patrias… - 3:34
  2. The eldest lady of hem alle spak… - 4:15
  3. The rede statue of Mars, with spere and targe… - 3:47
  4. This passeth yeer by yeer, and day by day… - 3:48
  5. This Palamon answerde, and seyde ageyn… - 3:59
  6. This Arcite ful proudly spak ageyn… - 4:28
  7. How greet a sorwe suffreth now Arcite! - 3:56
  8. Up-on that other side Palamon… - 5:40
  9. The Second Part: Whan that Arcite to Thebes comen was… - 4:35
  10. Wel coude he hewen wode, and water bere… - 4:25
  11. Now wol I torne un-to Arcite ageyn… - 3:30
  12. Whan that Arcite had songe, he gan to syke… - 3:49
  13. This Arcite, with ful despitous herte… - 4:32
  14. The destinee, ministre general… - 5:07
  15. This worthy duk answerde anon agayn… - 5:51
  16. ‘To speke of royal linage and richesse…’ - 3:40
  17. The Third Part: I trowe men wolde deme it necligence… - 4:44
  18. The statue of Venus, glorious for to see… - 2:40

Disc 2

    The Canterbury Tales - The Knyghtes Tale (The Knight's Tale) (Middle English) (more info)
  1. Ther saugh I first the derke imagining… - 3:48
  2. Now to the temple of Diane the chaste… - 4:26
  3. And right so ferden they with Palamon… - 4:51
  4. This Theseus, this duk, this worthy knight… - 5:02
  5. Whan thorisoun was doon of Palamon… - 4:48
  6. The fyres brenne up-on the auter clere… - 6:16
  7. The preyere stinte of Arcita the stronge… - 4:41
  8. The Fourth Part: Greet was the feste in Athenes that day… - 5:32
  9. The voys of peple touchede the hevene… - 5:12
  10. Som tyme an ended ther is of every dede… - 4:43
  11. Duk Theseus, with al his companye… - 3:03
  12. Swelleth the brest of Arcite, and the sore… - 5:41
  13. Now wol I speken forth of Emelye… - 4:40
  14. Tho cam this woful Theban Palamoun… - 6:04
  15. By process and by lengthe of certeyn yeres… - 5:10
  16. Thanne is it wisdom, as it thinketh me… - 5:16


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Product Details
Bebb, Richard; Chaucer, Geoffrey

Label: Naxos Audio Books
UPC: 730099095426
Item Number: NA241512
Release Date: Sep 1, 2006


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